Fans may be allowed at more schools beginning tomorrow if our county enters the Red Tier, which it is said to. Stay Tuned

~ TP Field Hockey Team Photos – this Saturday 2/27 at Powerhouse Park
Anna Scipione is very kindly going to take our team photos this Saturday at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar: Map
Varsity at 9:00 am
JV at 9:45 am
Wear black jersey, skirt, and black socks.  Please wear your mask until photos are taken.
I will bring donuts and juice for some post photo team bonding by the beach.
~ Daily Attendance Form – IMPORTANT
As things are progressing forward, we have to keep record of our attendance for each practice and monitor Covid symptoms. I have created two forms, one for varsity and one for JV, that you must fill out before EVERY practice.

Save the link. I will remind you all before practice but please try to have this done BEFORE practice. 

If you are not feeling well, please notify me right away and do not attend practice.
Thank you,
Courtney Spleen

Varsity Attendance & Symptom Check
JV Attendance & Symptom Check

~ Uniforms
Each player is equipped with:
– Black jersey
– white jersey
– maroon/white reversible practice jersey
– (Varsity also has an extra reversible)
– black skirt
– backpack
– gray pullover.
All of these items must be returned in usable condition or you will pay for a replacement (enforced by the school).
Please be kind to the jerseys/skirts and air dry them to help extend their usability!
Please Note, you need to supply white socks for home games and black socks for away games. 

~ Pictures
Anna Scipione voluntarily takes our team photos and action photos throughout the season and posts them on You can download them for FREE! She is the best!

~ Torrey Pines Foundation
For the abbreviated 2021 season, we are asking for a tax deductible donation of at least $200 per player.

The school district budget only covers the stipend for the Varsity and JV coaches, all other expenses are paid for with parent donations. The District has confirmed that coaches will be paid this year, regardless of the length of the season.

With the uncertainty this year, we have lowered our ask significantly (last year it was $450) – we are just trying to at least cover our new uniforms, senior activities, fees, gifts, etc.

We really need EVERY FAMILY’S SUPPORT to make things the best we can for our girls! Online donations can be made using the field hockey booster tab at:

Don’t forget that many companies will match your donations!